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File under most adorable dog ever.




Found a better use for the wine glasses

That’s a martini glass

I’m literally using it for milk and cookies does it look like I care about the finer points of debauchery


by unitedthread


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"One summer morning at sunrise a long time ago I met a girl with a book under her arm. I asked her why she was out so early and
she answered that there were too many books and far too little time. And there she was absolutely right."

Tove Jansson (via lastdaysofmagic)

"A girl should be two things: who and what she wants."

Coco Chanel (via observando)

20/20 Productions is DC's premier digital media company & is home to Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden. OJBG is an award winning web series about teens growing up in Washington, DC in the 90's grunge era.

#ThingsWeLike: the 90s, art, beauty, blogging, DC, diversity, fashion, feminism, grunge, indie filmmaking, inspirational stories, LGBT youth, literature, long reads, music, pop culture, photography, quotes, social justice issues, television, teen things, travel, web series, women in film, young adult novels, etc.

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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden


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